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Welcome to Keyboard Music Academy!

Piano and Keyboard lessons are fun and a perfect way to challenge your brain! They help strengthen motor skill coordination and brain power. Just think about it; one hand playing notes in the treble clef, one hand notes in the bass clef, while simultaneously reading and interpreting music. Wow! Playing the keyboard or piano well is not only an amazing accomplishment, it is also a language learning, brain enhancing endeavour.

Here at Keyboard Music Academy, we offer Piano and Keyboard lessons for beginners across all age groups starting from preschoolers, primary and high school aged children who wish to learn the basic fundamentals of how to play a piano/keyboard.

Are you or your child looking for a Piano classes or Keyboard classes on a one-on-one basis?

If yes, then look no further. Start your journey of music learning by contacting us. Our Piano lessons and Keyboard classes are conducted in the new vibrant suburb of The Ponds in Sydney's Northwest growth corridor.

Keyboard Music Academy focuses on giving one-on-one attention to individual students.