What are the benefits of learning music?

Learning a musical instrument is beneficial for children in so many ways:

  1. Music is an art that encourages self-esteem, and develops self-discipline.
  2. It builds concentration and coordination.
  3. It enhances spatial reasoning and creativity.
  4. It provides a means for the expression of ideas and feelings.
  5. Music is a source of entertainment and joy!

When is a child ready to begin piano lessons?

Music is a universal language. Listening to music is something almost everyone does, or has done. Musical experience at an early age is extremely important in a child’s developmental process. Like riding a bike or learning a language, these skills can be learned later in life, but they will never be “natural” in the way that is so important for fluid musical performance.

The ideal age to start piano lessons is about 5 years. To begin piano lessons the student must be able to:

  1. Sit down and focus for at least 20 minutes on a given activity.
  2. Practice for 15 minutes each day.
  3. Comfortably recite the ABC.
  4. Comfortably count 1 to 10.
  5. Answer questions like "What comes before/after the letter C?"
  6. Answer questions like "What comes before/after the number 5?"

How will you/your child be able to progress to the next level?

Success is always achieved with hard work/practice. Practising every day is the most effective and fastest way of improving your skills as a young musician. With just 15 minutes of practice every day, you will notice consistent improvement week after week. Of course, the longer you practice every day, the better.

30 minutes is a good goal to aim for, as long as it is every day!

What happens if you/your child misses a lesson?

* Illness or emergency or away on holiday are the only reasons, to be eligible for a make up lesson.

* If ill or on emergency student absence should be notified at least 4 hours prior to lesson in order to be eligible for a make-up lesson.

* A minimum of one week notice to be provided if going on holiday or unable to come due to festival/pre-planned activities to be eligible for a make-up lesson.

No Make up Classes provided for following reasons:

- To go for Sports or other extra curricular activities

- Study for a school test or completing assignments

- Scheduling a medical/dental appointment

- Hosting/going for a party

- Other reasons which are considered more important than attending Piano lessons

Terms & Conditions

Only 2 make up lessons available per term. Illness or emergency are the only reasons, to be eligible for a make up lesson.

Enrolment is ongoing unless Keyboard Music Academy is notified in writing with a minimum of 2 weeks notice.